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I am excited about this group coaching program because I know the impact group coaching has had on my life.  This program is designed to help you get unstuck, get crystal clear, get moving and make shift happen!

Who this Is For:

Career-driven women who are go-getters and want nothing less than an extraordinary life.

​Women who are truly ready to take control of their life, no longer being at the mercy of others and circumstance. 

Fearless women who recognize they are responsible for everything in their life and the power to change it.

Courageous women who are ready to re-write their story (throw out the old) and manifest their true dreams and desires.

Who this is NOT for:

If you’re more comfortable complaining and whining about why your life is the way it is and you’d rather stay “status quo,” this is NOT the community or program for you.

You’re not willing to do the inner work that it takes to upgrade your entire life.

You’re not supportive of other women and believe you have to do it alone.

What you should expect:
High Level Coaching to break through mindblocks, money blocks, relationship blocks, health blocks and other limiting beliefs keeping you at status quo…

Hot seat coaching with Shana Naylor.
Guest speakers.

Be a part of a private high-vibe community of go getter women, pushing you and cheering you
on to your next level of success.

High Level of accountability so you don’t give up on your dreams, you make them happen!

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Your Best



antonio rillera

I know first hand what it's like to have a successful career but yet struggle internally with the desire to break free from status quo, to struggle with the desire to do more but just not knowing what "more" looks like. I have made a committment to introduce you to the life principles & strategies that changed my life (for a fraction of the cost)! I want to help you eliminate that thing that's holding you hostage from pursuing your dreams, so you can Live, Life & Win! 

Shana Naylor

CEO of Shifting Beyond Normal

How Does It Work


Simply fill out an application.

​Applications are due by March 31st



I will respond to all inquiries.

Whether your application has been accepted or not I will respond to all applications.



Once accepted, you will receive a committment link!

Once approved, you will receive a link to make your committment.  To begin to experience results, I am asking you to committ initially  for 6 months.


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